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Innovative Whole Life Insurance


Specializing in Whole Life Insurance as a Financial Asset offers a combination of death benefit protection, cash value accumulation, guarantees and income tax advantages

that differentiate it from most other types of financial products.

Life Insurance is the safest place to store your cash in America today—not a bank, not a safe. ​
AND, out of reach of the government, creditors, even a divorce suit.​

Discover your path to financial freedom through innovative financial planning. Schedule a complimentary virtual consultation with Rebecca Rice & Asociates.

During this session we will discuss what resources are available to help you prepare for whatever life brings and how these options can also be a valuable asset. We'll happily share our knowledge and answer any questions or concerns you may have.


Our Clients Say

Father and Daughter

“Rebecca Rice and Associates has really been a blessing for the financial planning for my family. I get straightforward answers to my questions and they are extremely hands on in managing debt elimination as well as wealth management. Simple financial philosophies I have learned from Rebecca will save me thousands of dollars in making the right decisions in the future”

Jack L., Little Rock, AR


“The Economic Freedom Show"

The Economic Freedom Show is a one of a kind radio event that may change the way you view your personal finances and the American economy. Listen to economic industry leader Chase Chandler (Rebecca Rice) explain the truth and dispel common propaganda. Chase also interviews the top professionals covering many different financial and economic topics. 

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