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Rebecca Rice & Associates, LLC is one of the leading organizations in the country in educating, practicing, and administrating “living benefits” whole life insurance (or Infinite Banking).

Managing Partner & Founder

Rebecca A. Rice owns and operates a Christian organization, Rebecca Rice & Associates, LLC in Little Rock, Arkansas. A graduate of the University of Arkansas with two business degrees in Marketing and Business Management, her firm serves the financial needs of small business, the medical community, churches, and families.

Rebecca Understands You

Over 30 years ago, Rebecca began her career in insurance as a single mom with three children.  She understands the challenges of young families, working mothers, and the drive to gain financial security in a tough world. 


She feels the needs of those facing retirement and feeling insecure with their “nest egg.” Her heart goes out to anyone wanting to make a better life for themselves and build a more secure future.

In 2003 Rebecca recognized the life-changing possibilities of using a “living benefits” whole life insurance policy!

Meet Our Agents


Marty Blackmon is a seasoned Financial professional with over 25+ years experience in strategic wealth management and is a licensed insurance agent with over 10 years of infinite banking experience.
Marty uses wealth strategies to teach people how to work and grow their money more efficiently. This holistic approach to financial planning evaluates current and future income and focuses on tax efficiencies so his clients can legally retain more of their money.

Marty is licensed in 6 states and helps clients across the U.S. navigate the complexities of life insurance policies, annuities while building out financial plans. He works with high net worth clients specializing in wealth preservation and has expertise in planning for retirement as well as lifestyle and preparing for college expenses.

Marty and wife have three children, two of which have special needs so has a passion for helping families navigate, set up and protect their loved ones' benefits for now and into the future, using various financial tools. He is one of an elite group of certified advisors that focuses on special needs trusts and financial planning.  

In his free time, you can find Marty evaluating markets as well as trading options, stocks, futures and commodities. When not in the finance world helping clients, he enjoys spending time in the mountains snow skiing and at the beach. In Austin Tx, while at home loves playing basketball and soccer and making memories with his children and wife. Taking care of his one little angel, Lincoln who was born with down syndrome and has autism is his heart and soul.
Marty encourages clients to reach out to discuss better ways to make your financial life more efficient and to give you and your family time to enjoy life. Remember we do not get do overs in our retirement years, so plan like you'll ive forever and live life like today is your last day.

Marty Blackmon  |  512-905-7744

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